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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Next Generation....

We thought we should give some exposure to the next generation on our blog. As you can see, they are great bunch with real personalities! For those who don’t know all the kids' faces, from left to right they are : Ethan ( our little fella), Rebecca ( Graham and Louise's daughter ), Sam , Ella ( Bev and Wil's kids ). Susan and Warwick, who live down under, also have a little girl called Lilah, who is not in the photo. But as they are coming home in May we will be sure to get one of all 5 of them together.


Blogger susan shaw said...

Little little ningas ningas all in a row...................sooooo cute! Cant wait till Lillah is there too.

4:34 AM

Blogger Mick Kirby said...

The future of High School GAA...

4:24 AM

Blogger dot said...

Rebecca says "Wouldn't you think his parents would clean his ears"

Ethan says "Why didn't I get to dress in red and white"

Ella says "Elbow room, I need wlbow room"

Sam says " WaaaaaaaaaaaaH"

2:38 PM


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