If you're on this site, you will probably know who we are, so little description is required! But if you are just browsing and say to yourself “those guys sound familiar!". You’re right it's Rob, Dilys (and now also Ethan and Alanna) Jones from Dublin Ireland. Send us a mail if you want more info.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U2 - Anthem for the 80's (part 3/6)

Interseting in these recession times in Ireland and worldwide...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy first birthday Alanna!

Well it hardly seems like a year ago our little lady was just born! We had a great first birthday with all the family and it was extra special because sister and family were over form the States. We had a wonderful time and eat the usual buns, sandwiches and treats! Also the day before her birthday Alanna started to walk which was awesome. She is running now and goes to school next week. We are very much looking forward to Christmas and the cards, etc have already started arriving, so thanks for that. Ours are on the way. Everything else is good and Rob's job is going very well and he is really enjoying the way of the cloth! Talk soon and get the mince pies in early. We have uploaded more photos in Flickr to the right; enjoy. The Js.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Look Dad, I can fly

Hey folks. The picture to the left was taken on our church weekend away last week. About 120 of us all headed out of Dublin and went down to Mount Wolsely hotel in Tullow in Co. Carlow. We had a fab time and much fun was had, along with great teaching and fellowship. We as a family are doing well at the moment. The last month and a half have been pretty rough as most of us have been sick with one thing or another. As some of you will know Ethan broke his collar bone last month, by falling out of bed. (We really must stop the brandy before bed time!) He is fine now and back in action. Alanna is also doing great and is growing well, as you can see from the photo. Myself and Dilys are also good. Dilys had a weekend away recently in London with the girls. She had a fab time and I’m sure she will upload some photos soon. I’m really enjoying work at the moment, as we are seeing some really exciting things happen in church. Its great to see CORE doing so well. God is good. Hope you guys are well? Talk soon. The Jones'

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was Jesus Funny?

This may change your view of Jesus somewhat! Have a look.

I know we havent posted in a while, but we as a family have basiccaly been sick for the last 7 weeks. We will post afetr this weekend; we promise!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from hols now

Hi Everyone. We are just back from our holiday in Spain. We went to a place called La Zenia, which is about 40 mins south of Alicante, which is on the East coast of Spain. We very much enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine; the average temp was about 30c during the day and about 25c at night. We were very appreciative of the air con! Ethan and Alanna loved it and really had a fantastic time as we spread our time over eating, sleeping, sunbathing and swimming in the pool or the sea. It’s a hard life eh! We were also really blessed as when we got back, the weather in Dublin for our last few days of hols has been fab also! Our back garden has been transformed into a paddling pool haven! We have uploaded a fresh batch of photos in our Flickr account. So check them out to the right. Well it’s back to work at the end of July, which Rob is actually very much looking forward too! Once again thanks for all the correspondence when we were away. Looking forward to catching up with you soon, either temporally or in cyber space!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Priested !

Hi everyone. We had a great day last Sunday ( 15th June) when Rob was priested in Christ Church Cathedral. It was a very special ceremony and a big thank you to all those who were able to come along. Also a big thanks to you for all the emails, texts and cards. The photo above shows Rob and Jon Kissell (the minister in CORE). So Rob is now fully fledged ; he is doing a special 2-1 rate on Baptisms and weddings! All is well here in the Jones’ household and we are very much looking forward to our hols. The kids are great and we have uploaded new photos in Flicker to the right. Hope you are well? Talk soon. PS thank you Sulu, aka Jason Kilroy, for all the reminders to update the blog. We are surprised you can remember to remind us are you are so old now…..!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Priest Ordination on the 15th June at 15:30

Hello all. Can you believe that it’s been nearly a year since Rob’s lovely mug appeared in the Irish broadsheets, due to his Deacon’s Ordination! Well it has and its time for part two! Rob will be having his Priesting Ordination on the 15th June at 15:30 in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. After this he will be the real deal and can now officially marry you and celebrate Holy Communion as well! It’s a little more theological than that, but that’s it in a neat little Church of Ireland nutshell. We would love you to join us again if you can. There will be dancin of course! If not see you over the summer for a Barbie and beer. Hope you are all well? We are doing great; it’s been a great year so far and we are so looking forward to our hols! Horary. Thanks for all the texts, email and indeed prayers at this time. And indeed thank you Sulu (aka Jason Kilroy for the reminder to update- I know Jay you want me to dress up as Elvis at Ordination on the 15th , but I cant get a suitable costume! Maybe you could dress up as Jim instead !!!) The Jones’.