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Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from hols now

Hi Everyone. We are just back from our holiday in Spain. We went to a place called La Zenia, which is about 40 mins south of Alicante, which is on the East coast of Spain. We very much enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine; the average temp was about 30c during the day and about 25c at night. We were very appreciative of the air con! Ethan and Alanna loved it and really had a fantastic time as we spread our time over eating, sleeping, sunbathing and swimming in the pool or the sea. It’s a hard life eh! We were also really blessed as when we got back, the weather in Dublin for our last few days of hols has been fab also! Our back garden has been transformed into a paddling pool haven! We have uploaded a fresh batch of photos in our Flickr account. So check them out to the right. Well it’s back to work at the end of July, which Rob is actually very much looking forward too! Once again thanks for all the correspondence when we were away. Looking forward to catching up with you soon, either temporally or in cyber space!


Anonymous suz said...

Awesome shots Rob! Looks like you had the time of your lives.You all look so happy and well.Place looks great too.

3:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old, so Old...

6:19 AM


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