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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Back Again !

Hello all. Sorry for the delay in posting again, it’s been over a month now! The last 6 weeks have been full on and having the ratio of 2:2 of children to parents certainly does take its toll! But Alanna is doing really great and is sleeping through the night now, which is great as us Jones' really do need our sleep. Ethan has really taken to her and will not go down for breakfast in the mornings until he has given her a "gig kuss”! Ethan started his first day in Montessori school yesterday (4th Feb) and he is loving it. How time flies eh.... Dilys is great and is taking to the increased capacity very well and is such a natural. I have learned much from her over the last 2 months. Especially her ability to function so well on 5 hours sleep a night! All is good in core and I’m very much enjoying it. I have my first clergy conference next week. Plenty of tea drinking and cucumber sandwiches! Hope you guys are well. We have uploaded more photos of Alanna in Flicker (to the right). Hope you like the photo to the left, It shows Daddy and the kids "early" in the morning after his shower. Nice! More soon. Take care. Rob.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah Sulu Senior, Sulu Junior and mini Sulu...

5:56 AM

Anonymous suz said...

Ah good to see some new pics Rob and hear all is well. Sorry havent been in touch, moved house and no internet connection for the last week( or phone)and now tomorrow we are off to WA to the old haunts. Perth, Geralton, Kalbari, Carnarvon and Exmouth!! Have to show Lillah all the old places and meet up with all our old pals.........Ash, Greg, Wooromol crew and Quobba too. Cant wait!!! Then house sitting in sydney for 2 months so its all go.
Love to you all and I'll call from sydney.
Suz xxx

2:56 AM

Anonymous suz said...

PS Alanna is THE IMAGE of you as a baby!!! I am taken back 35 yrs instantly!!! Much more so than ethan I reckon, check out the old photos...............

3:02 AM


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