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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Globing Warming in the West of Ireland !

Hi All. Last weekend we went over to the West of Ireland for a few days. Expecting the usual dull, dreary and wet weather of a typical Irish winter, we were surprisingly met with 18-20 oc of beautiful sunny weather ! We stayed in Dorothy and Fran's (Dilys' sister and bro-in-law - thanks guys it was really awesome!) house in Feakle. We had a great time of rest and relaxation which including nice meals and some sun-bathing on the beach at Spanish point! (see flickr photos to the right)We even got to see the French beat the All-Blacks in the rugby world cup quarter final. Sorry all you guys in Kiwi land. I’m sure it’s very tough for you now, but we lost to them too! We are thinking of you Judy !! All is good her in Dublin and Dilys is only about 7 weeks away from birth now. Wow...the clock is ticking and we are spending as much time in bad as possible now, if you know what I mean all you parents out there who have experienced sleepless nights. Take care. More soon.


Anonymous suz said...

Fab shots rob!! Makes me home sick............
U all look so well. Are the glasses real?
Cant WAIT to see you all soon.
Give gorgrous ethan a big cuddle from me.

4:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any sign of Little Chezchov yet?

5:25 AM


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