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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wow whata month !

Hi All, It seems about 2 years ago since we last posted, but it has only been about a month! We have been moving house during that time. We are glad to say that the house is just about finished and we only have about 15 boxes to unpack. Not bad when there was over 200 to start with! Ethan is loving the new house. There is a park and great playground only 5 mins away, so he is very much enjoying that. Dilys is well and feeling allot better now. She was quite sore a few weeks ago with the new baby, but now is much better. Rob is also doing well and very much enjoying being full-time in CORE. It’s so brilliant only being 5 mins away by car. It sure beats the gridlock every day on the mad-cow roundabout. We have just over two months until the new baby, so we are using our time WISELY to prepare the way..... We are both really looking forward to the sleepless nights again! Over the last month Rob did his first wedding blessing for Gilly and Nicky. It was a great day and not too much slagging ! Over the next month he will be starting in the Hospice in Harold’s cross, which will be challenging I'm sure. By the way our old landline number has changed, so if you want the new one drop us a mail. Bye for now.....


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