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Monday, June 18, 2007

Reverend Rob Jones !

Well, well, well, what an amazing day we had yesterday (18th June) at Rob's ordination. It was very moving, both due to the significance and meaning of the occasion and also due to the amount of people who turned up to support us. It was a great reunion of many groups and it was wonderful to see them all there in the Cathedral. Thank you all SO much for the emails, cards, presents and texts, it’s meant an awful lot to us. A particularly special moment yesterday was when Rob gave out the wine at Communion to all his friends and family. (Sulu it was especially nice to give it to you!) For all of you who couldn’t make it, thanks for all your support in other ways. We have uploaded some photos to Flicker (to the right-hand side column of this post) and we will put up loads more over the coming days. So have a browse as they will give you a great feel of the day. Once again, thanks so much. More soon, love, R, D and E.


Anonymous suz said...

So proud of you little bro...............cant wait to give you a big congratulatory hug.

8:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah Yes Sulu, always knew you would make to to Navigator... from Jim

5:40 AM

Blogger Pardoes said...

Hi Rob,
It was so great to be there on Sunday. I remember when you first told us you were joining the fellowship of vocation and its amazing to see a dream become reality. Its all ahead of you now bro and I know that God has plans for you, Dee, wee man and bump on some amazing adventures! Well done for staying the course. Talk soon.
Love Jonny, Joy and Hannah Pardoe

9:17 AM


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