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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Study time!

Hi All. Rob starts his written papers next Monday (21st). He has five in total and is finished on the 31st. He has been studying very hard- (If you call study talking to Barry on the phone and walking on Dun Laoighaire pier or Seapoint!)- It’s been a weird feeling being so close to finishing and yet having to still do exams. But I’m sure the next 2 weeks will fly by and then end ( start?) is in sight... Then it’s all systems go for Rob's ordination on the 17th June. The clerical shirts have been ordered, the alb is being pressed and the stole is in the wash! Hope you are all really well- hope you have a great holiday in Portugal J and Ger; send us a card. Love the facebook Rich and Kath. Thanks for the presents Suz/ War/ Lillah, all the best with the study K8. Talk to you soon. Keep us in your prayers during the exams and see you on the other side!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lovely Holiday in Portugal although weather not the best... Any sign of ArGo?

8:30 AM

Anonymous suz said...

sorry rob, havent checked in for while, just back from a wee holiday in cairns which was fab.really hope the exams are going ok, finished tomorrow which is fantastic. wow, that 3 years has flown ( for me anyway!). lets chat soon. cant wait to hear all the plans for the big O on the 17th.
big hugs as always

2:32 AM


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