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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Perhaps the door is beginning to open....?

Hi everyone. Hope all is well? We have had a great start to the New Year. We had a lovely week in Killarney. It was hard to leave, but we all really enjoyed ourselves. It was fab to have Dilys' Mum with us. We all had a great laugh together. College is going well. We find out where we are going to go for the curacy (Rob's placement for the next few years) next Thursday (1st Feb). Very exciting time and the door seems to be opening into the next phase. We can’t wait to get stuck into our new role. We will let you know what happens. Everything else is good. Ethan continues to grow and develop. He is chatting away and even though we can only understand 20% of what he is saying, it great to be able to communicate and have a laugh. He is getting more teeth at the moment, so he is up a lot during the night. It’s all good; sleeping is overrated anyway! Will post again next Thursday with the news ..........!


Anonymous suz said...

Ah accross the miles its nice to know someone else is up half the night too..................
Cant wait to hear next thurs.
Love Suz xxxxx
PS Lillah had her first pony ride today and loved it. Gee up jockey horse.

3:54 AM

Anonymous suz said...

love the kerry shots, bringing back heaps of wonderful childhood memories.is that the gap of dunloe?

12:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you, Mrs Sulu and Sulu Junior last Saturday. You have come along way from a junior cadet to Chief Navigator. Hopefully Sulu Junior will follow in your foot steps and become the pilot for his own Starship one day... Jim

5:08 AM


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