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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recent Update

All is well here with us at the moment. Rob has been busy looking after CORE while Jon is away on holidays. It has been great experience for him. Ethan is getting bigger all the time and is now starting to learn the art of running and face planting ! There is a few bumps, bruises and scratches at the moment. He recently went for his first haircut at a kiddies hairdresser. Very cute. For the last few weeks Rob has been clearing out his Family home as his Dad has just sold it. He is finding loads of great photos when he was a kid ; just like Ethan !We will upload some soon. There is only roughly 3 weeks until Rob goes back to college and then in approx 8 months he will be finished ! Role on the collar….Hmmm. Hope all you guys are well in NZ ? John , Judy and co , we were so sorry to hear that Mickey the sheep died. We often look at the photo of him with Ethan on his back. Hope Minnie is ok? Hope all you guys are well in St. Pauls. Drop us a line when you get a chance. Hi Susan, Warwick and Lilah. Hope all is well ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rob, Is that you having a haircut? Absolute mini me I reckon!
So cute!
Lovely chatting the other day.Lets do it again soon.
How do I go about becoming a blog head?

4:39 AM


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