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Monday, August 21, 2006

Update on the last couple of weeks

We have not been blogging for a couple of weeks now. It has been a time for us of real highs and real lows. Over the last while we have been reunited with family from the States, which was so great to see them. We miss you Dot , Fran, Peter and Mollly.( Hope you enjoyed your birthday Molly, we really enjoyed your cake. Peter, hope you are playing loads of curbs ! )Also yesterday, Sunday 20th Lydia was Christened. However there has also been very sad times as well. Rob's cousin and his wife suffered the death of their two month old child . It was a tough funeral, but they were so strong. Please keep them in your prayers. All is going well for Rob as he leads CORE for the month. Its proving to be great experience for him. Will post more soon.


Blogger dot said...

Hi guys.

We are back home now and baseball has taken over from Curbs.

Will give youa call soon.


5:16 PM

Blogger luke said...

hey, nice blog!

5:03 AM


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