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Friday, July 14, 2006

Avalanche !

Well we did try ! We had wanted to get to Milford Sound but the last 13km of the road was closed due to avalanches! We made it to just before the Homer tunnel, which was an amazing journey. We left Te Anau today and are now in Queenstown for 3 days. This place is amazing, with loads to do and see. We will post soon with an update. We have updated flickr so you can see more of our photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


All good here. Have the cold teabags on the back with the sunburn. Shockin hot shockin.

Had a great afternoon with Bev, Wil, Ella and Samuel in their new and improved back garden. Cousins are missing the long fellow.

Lots of love

G, L and R

1:59 PM

Blogger Bev and Wil said...

Dont mind him. It was awful. well the afternoon was great and we loved having the jones' here but the bar-b-que was a bit embarassing- uncooked chicken, fatty wings, stale bread, soggy salad and food forgotten about in the fridge - c what you're missing!!!! by d way you have to zorb in queenstown, you'd love it! rob, no putting ethan in one on his own!!! love us xxxxxx

2:37 PM

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