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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The real Rich !

Thanks for the all the mails and texts you have been sending, especially for Rob's birthday. Some of you have asked whether we have any photos of Rich. Well now that you mention it I do. We have really seen from our time in St. Pauls that he is a gifted church leader with so much to offer. But the other night he just lost it and insisted on giving Ethan beer. If you ever want him to baby-sit, let me know and I will give you his details !At least the beer was VB, the nicest beer outside the emerald isle. Hope you like the photo Sulu ?


Blogger Mark Burke said...

do you have to provide the beer or is it all part of the babysittin service... thats one way to get the kids to sleep so you can get some piece and quiet to watch the world cup!! well jones's hope all is well and your continuing to enjoy your time in NZ.

7:07 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Who is Sulu ? Does he/she/it exist ?

I'm not sure I'd say VB is the nicest beer outside the Emerald Isle... Good yes, nicest ? Hmmm....

1:06 PM

Anonymous tim said...

Wow Rob so it is really like father like son! Getting him started good and early..

5:08 AM


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