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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just wasn’t meant to be

I wish the picture to the left was at the full time whistle, but it was a photo of the flannery try. So near but yet so far is a good way to sum up last Saturday's game. At first it looked like a rout after the All Blacks scored early on. But all credit to the Munster boys they really got the team going and changed the tide. O' Connell was immense. At one point he tackled Ritchie Macaw so hard I thought he had killed him ! It was a good game to watch, both myself and Dilys went together and there was much shouting. The Irish crowd were great and we were right in the thick of the green army. As some of you will know we were meant to be going to a lunch with the players, but the IRFU neglected to tell us that it would cost us $350 ! So we decided against it. The ski pass in Queenstown took precedence ! Sorry Burkey. All is well with us here and we are really enjoying our time in St. Pauls. Rob has preached twice now and after he had finished the congregation clapped. This is a bit strange as you don’t get this at home, but it's nice to get some feed back.....! Dilys leaves for Dunedin early next week which will leave me in Auckland for a week on my own to spend much time going to the pub and watching the world cup conclusion. Opps I mean prayer, fasting and generally being holy ! Still no sign of my results , probably still trying to read my answers !


Anonymous geoff said...

are the sermons available as a pod cast?

2:09 PM

Blogger Mark Burke said...

mr jones, don't feel you have to say sorry to me for the IRFU being out an out gangsters...$350 who do the think they are???? the match was savage, was down in kerry, so watched it in tralee... the whipping i was expecting to witness never came about our boys did us proud, bring on the ozzie's!! ok they've beat england twice in the last 2 weeks, but sure we both know how muck they are, we should give them more of a game on sat. hope yee are keeping well, keep up the good work and safe travels!!

4:35 AM


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