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Monday, June 12, 2006


Well kids, hope all is well in our past. Being 11 hours ahead is great ; you can set the tone ! All is well here in Auckland. Yesterday we had a 5 hour blackout which was fun. Traffic lights were out, no coffee etc. A real trial. It reminded me of Dublin in the 8o's when the power was off more than it was on. Some of the kiwi's have been slagging us and saying that we should be used to having no power as we only got electricity in the last few years! Dilys and Ethan are well and really enjoying life in Auckland. The church is really great , with such a warm atmosphere and culture of welcoming. Apart form Rich Johnson, he is a nightmare. HA HA hope you are reading this Rich ! Only kidding, its great to be able to hang out with Rich and Co. Well must go. Thanks Barry for the results. Come on Tobago. Burkey , keep praying for the next test on Saturday.


Anonymous Barry said...

Hey dunkee...nay exam results posted yet - are you guys sure the exam board was meeting on 16th?

will keep you posted..hope the second test goes well.... play the men from de nord and things will change!!!


8:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rob - you wern't shouting loud enough on Sat night! Managed to see the Rugby match even though we were on ordination retreat!!
Glad the placement's going well.

Stephen and Cathy

12:53 PM


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