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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Burning the candle at both ends !

What a week it’s been.... Dilys went away last weekend for a surprise party for Janet , which was great fun by all accounts and if the faces at the airport were anything to go by, there was little if any sleep had. Happy Birthday Jan. While Dilys was away, myself and Ethan had great fun. We enjoyed the TV, DVD and a nice pot of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream ! However Ethan has been sick since ! I guess he is a little young for the Bacardi breezers ! Since Sunday, the poor little fella has been losing it from both ends if you know what I mean ! As you know I’m right in the middle of study so its been a bit hectic around here. A little like the picture above ! But all will be over soon and we will be in NZ watching the world cup and also witnessing the Irish beat the All Blacks ! Sorry Gill , Geoff and Co it has to happen sometime. Well I better get back to my hermeneutics..... More soon. R.


Anonymous Mike said...

Thats good parenting Rob. I will tell Ethan when he is older ! Nice picture. Not a hope against the all blacks.

3:23 AM

Blogger Mick Kirby said...

Go on ya big Warbler !!!

4:51 AM

Anonymous Brendan said...


Are you still dating Jason Kilroy ?

9:24 AM


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