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Monday, March 20, 2006

Where were you ?

We were in London on the 18th, but sadly not at the game ! Myself and Dilys were at Alex and Ed's wedding ( photos will be posted soon )from the 16th but we flew out on the 18th. We touched down and went straight to the pub ( I mean straight to collect Ethan ! ) and then watched the game. Horgan's try was truly sublime ; a real match winner. I think we were lucky with a few decisions, but you know what they say about the Irish and luck. It just so happens that we will be in NZ when Ireland play there two games against the All Blacks! I think the time is now for us to take those guys down. Sorry Warwick and Evan and the rest of the NZ crew ( Skiltons etc) but you have to lose sometimes.....


Blogger Robbie Giltrap said...

This is great. I love this site, I must set one up for me and my special pal Antoine. Oh dear Gilly, he's a baby... Red is my favourite colour by the way

8:07 AM


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