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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Sceptic’s Easter ?

Some of you have been saying that you were surprised that Rob had not had an article on the blog relating to his studies. Well in response – here is the first one !
Is it true to say that Easter comes and goes without impact for many who attend church more out of tradition (and to please family members) than anything else? Some remain unbelieving unless overwhelmed by evidence, like the Apostle Thomas in the painting above. Church attendance notwithstanding, are there good, solid reasons to believe the rather outlandish claims that God incarnate laid down His life willingly and was miraculously raised from the dead? Love to hear your thoughts , either for or against…… Go on have a go.


Blogger dot said...

Peter just asked Molly who her favorite uncle is. She replied "the priest". She couldn't remember Rob's name! I guess it must be time for a visit.

4:54 PM

Anonymous Rob said...

The "priest" Hmmmm not sure about that one. Cardinal sounds better. Tell Molly I wont wear a collar when she visits next.

3:28 AM


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