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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Off we go !

Well at long last we are off today ( Saturday) to New Zealand. We are flying out today at 18:00, then onto Frankfurt, then onto Singapore and then finally arriving in Auckland 30 hours later on Monday morning at 10:30 ( 21:30 Irish time). We can’t wait to get going. We will keep the blog updated hopefully 2-3 times a week. Enjoy June and July. We will have our mobile with us , but only can receive texts. We will try to text back from our Vodafone online webtext. See you in cyber space !!


Blogger Mark Burke said...

hope yee have a blast, and have safe travels... rob you know that i'm pure jealous of yee watching Ireland an all, not to forget meeting the players, so i hope it turns out to be all that and more... oh an hope the job goes well also...expecting loads of picks from the game, and a win!!!!

4:18 AM

Blogger Tim said...

hey guys, i hope you had a great trip and are settleing in nicely to your new mansion!!

3:43 PM

Blogger dave and em said...

take care banger, you'll love st pauls, just dont go all english on me, i couldnt cope with u then! dont be taking any crap off those "sweet as bro" choppers either. payback for drico i say!

9:29 AM


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