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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here at last !

Well after nearly 35 hours travelling we arrived in Auckland. The flights went really well, as we got given 3 seats for myself and Dilys and a bassinette for Ethan. Because of this Ethan slept most of the two flights which was great. I wish I could say the same for myself and Dilys. We probably slept about 4 hours in total ! We stopped over in Singapore for 5 hours and had some sleep there so that really helped. We are still not over the jet lag, which is the worst we have experienced, Ethan is the best of all 3 of us and he is sleeping 12 hours a night ! Auckland is great and the house is amazing. It's a ten bedded house near the centre of town and within walking distance to the church. It’s a fifteen minute walk to the sky-tower (see photo) which Dilys will be bungy jumping off very soon ! All is going really well in St. Paul’s so far and they are so nice and have been so welcoming to us. They have a great program for us which should give us some great experience. Rob is speaking for the first time on Sunday morning, so that should be interesting ! This Saturday Rob and Mike ( leader of the St. Paul’s ) are going to the All Black game. CMON IRELAND ! If we win I doubt Rob will make it back to the church for Sunday morning ! We will post photos of the game after the weekend. Keep an eye out on Sky sports for rob. He will be the one streaking. Well must dash, we will post more regularly now as we have found an internet cafe very near the church. If you want to check out the church, click on the St Paul’s link to the right.


Blogger dot said...

It sounds great, Dil. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Ethan has got to be the best baby ever!

Auckland looks just like Toronto.

12:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delighted to here you are settling in well. Enjoy the match Rob - we'll be watching it and you streaking from sunny Dublin! What's your new home address there? Want to pop something in the post. Email me if you like Karkilroy@eircom.net.

Karen and Justin

5:20 AM


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