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Monday, June 26, 2006

Rich and His blog

Hey guys, Just a quick post to point you to the link to Rich's blog. Its on the right. Some of you have been asking about him, well you can find out all you want on his blog. He is a true blogger and sets the bar high. Great guy and its been fab to get to know him better. The blog is excellent, check it out. Also you can follow the link to his combined blog for him and Kath ( wife ), which is also to the right. More to follow very soon ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh heh, your blogs great too, on the up and up.
Thanks for your notes on ours, plenty of the L.Butter actually thanks for asking, had a elephant & Castle burger thr other night that left serious butter the day after........Leinster.........

1:21 AM


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