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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Today we all went to the aquarium in Auckland to see the penguins. Ethan loved it and wanted to go walking with them ! We also saw the sting-rays being fed and Ethan nearly became lunch as I was balancing him on the rails and he slipped and nearly fell into the tank ! Don’t tell Dilys and she didn’t see !!! I got my results yesterday at 4 in the morning ( Thanks Barry / Jamesie! ). I got through ok and so now am officially in my final year. Hurray. Not long now. All the CITC class (Ordinands ) did well. Keep the world cup results coming Barry. All is well in St Pauls and we have got to meet a wide rage of people and learnt about the set-up process, structure , ups and down etc. They have been great to us and so helpful in ensuring we get the best out of our time here. Yesterday we went bowling and also went for a nice ( but bizarre) Chinese lunch with all the staff. It was Chinese food rapid style , with one of those swirly turny bits in the middle of the table which proved great fun. Plenty of eating, spinning and laughing. I'm afraid the kiwis won the bowling; another Irish defeat ! Thanks for all the mails etc. Great to hear from all you guys. Sulu were are you ?!!! Another post on Saturday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice banger, fish are friends not food.

Been looking out for you on Rich's site and enjoying the blog, just so you know we have a new blog up and running now www.theheaslips.blogspot.com
Loved that photo of you and D infront of all those mountains, it looks great on my desktop.
Love you btoh


2:27 AM

Blogger Paul said...

I'm still waiting Rob. For those of you reading this from outside of New Zealand, Rob has been a complete pain in the neck - i had the hard task of babysitting him yesterday, and i'll be in recovery for some time now! ;-)

Great to have you hear guys - so sorry i have to leave for the UK! What an impact you've had!

3:38 PM

Anonymous Beverlay said...

well how i laughed at the aquarium email! Rob, that was lethal but it was very funny to read especially cos u were trying to hide it from d - a bit like locking ethan in the car - poor child! and the chinese meal, i can't stop laughing at the thought of it!!- a bit like the london meal again??

6:39 AM


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