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Friday, June 23, 2006

Tane Mahuta

Well after many years waiting, Rob finally made it to one of his all time places ; Tane Mahuta. For those of you who are not in the know, this is the largest tree in NZ and could be in the top 100 biggest tress in the world. It is about 200 feet tall and has a massive volume of 250 cubic metres ( or about 230 tonnes!) As you can see from the weather, it was very bad, but that didn’t stop us. So glad we made the trip. Now all Rob has to see, from a forestry point of view, is the tallest tree ( In USA - Giant Redwood ) and the oldest ( Ginko Belluba in China ). Sad I know ! Ethan is doing really well, despite nearly being eaten by stingrays and soaked to death in a NZ rain forest ! Great parenting. Hope all are guys are good ? Thanks for the message Eoghan. We will ring you soon. Not sure who the guy Paul K- Smith is who left the other comment ? Some loser I suppose.... Only kidding safe trip home Paul and Laura. SULU WERE ARE YOU ?


Blogger I'm Jim, Jim I am said...

Glad you are having a great time, seem to have done so much already. I got a message from Julian and he said he will meet you at backpackers on 1st July. Any word from Old Hair Eyebrows? Rob - Happy Birthday for 26th June, very old now.. (I'm Jim)

12:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow. A few more years and you will be the same age as your waist size. All good here.

That tree looks great crack


3:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Banger, missing you both badly today.
going away party was last night, church tomorrow, glad you're in NZ, but tonight wishing you were here too.
Spent the evening with Bev&Wil, some caramel chew chew was consumed...........
House is packed, moving company took it all today,
4 days then it's "hello london"
love you


3:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dunkee...

Couple of things...when the congregation clapped was it through relief... ;-D (That's the end of the encouragement!!)

Cooney got ordained - frightening, all too real but very exciting...

Big Adrian also got ordained and totally looked the part...all those years dressing up as a vicar when everyone else was pretending to be a cowboy or an indian stood him in good stead...

Footie going well...England have been wretched but they're now in the quarters against Portugal...the Argies and Spain look good but if all goes to form they'll meet in the semis I think...all in all though it has been a great tournie and some amazing goals

claire and kids are well...there is another January trip in the offering for the vicar's wives...reckon we're being duped! Saturday night last year saw us at U2....memories and dominos...

take care all


5:13 AM

Anonymous Barry said...

sorry - didn't mean to post anonymously above but provided this link works check it out...it's all about me....


copy and paste if you have to...it's worth it!


8:11 AM

Blogger Peter said...

Dear Rob,

Happy birthday I hope you have a big birthday party and invite all your best friends over. How's Ethan?

Your Nephew,

Peter Behan

2:31 PM

Anonymous Mal said...

Hi Guys! Great to see you having a good time. As for the "good parenting", I think its a miracle that children survive their parents! Belated happy Birthday greetings, Rob (always late, can't change a lifetimes habits!)

God bless,


9:09 AM


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