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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Compare and Contrast !

Take a look at the picture to the left and then compare it with the picture of Rob's Dad below; any resemblances !!!??? I'd say the pups are better behaved than the kids ! Hope all the Christmas prep is going well ? We are in full flight at the moment, with our Carol service on Sunday evening, it’s all systems go. It is completely booked out ! But I know a man who can still get you tickets if you still want to go ! More very soon.... Enjoy the shopping!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photo of Tom - give your dad a pipe and we couldn't tell the difference! lol

Hope your service goes well - will it be videod?


12:17 AM

Anonymous suz said...

What a classic but where is Peig?
Yes, the service sounds like it will be wonderful, wish I could be there too...........
Lets chat soon.
Heading to sydney at weekend to catch up with Graham and Lou, cant wait!
Steve was saying how good your talk was recently in wicklow, well done.
We're covered in mossie bites here, ouch.

3:52 AM

Anonymous suz said...

Love the jigsaw

3:33 AM


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