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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aussie Rules !

We know, we know, we said we would post every week ! Well we had a power cut here in Clondalkin for the month , so we couldn’t post !!!!!!( Joking, by the way, not that backward , yet !) Hope all you guys are well ? Great to hear all the news Suz, loved the photos. I see Warwick still has no bum ! Hello all in NZ, USA and UK. Hope life is good ? Nick and Marjorie, it was great to see you a few weeks ago in church. Life is good here with us. Ethan is doing great and is speaking allot now. One of his favourite words is Knacker ! Rather embarrassing really ! Last Sunday Rob went with Cameron, Greg and Bobby to the final combined rules game in Croke park. Is was just one big fight ! We lost badly and we also lost the game ! It looks like the future test could be cancelled.... Thanks for al the emails. We promise that we won’t leave it so long until the next time. Jason suggests that we should put up a post entitled " Class of 1991- where are you know" what do you think ? Mick Kirby where are you.....Come home all is forgiven!


Anonymous Suz said...

Yes waz still has no bum but I have made up for it now.I have one for both of us.
What a bunch of aussie thugs?? They got seriously bad press over here rightly so.Same as the rugby league over here, all a bunch of knackers as Ethan would say. Why cant they all take a leaf out of the union book and behave like gentlemen??
Just back from a lovely long cycle under the blue sky down by the beautiful blue sea with my princess on the back.................bliss.
Speaking of class of 91.............I would like to know where Jack is???
Cheers for now
Suz xxxxx

6:26 PM

Blogger Mick Kirby said...

Once you go Jack...
Mick K here... as you all should no I am no longer a PE teacher but have set up my own gym just behind the 108. Coming on down and check it out... I will give you one on one training and our members include B O'Connor, Ryano, Quinner and Geoghan... Matron and the Secretary joining next month...

1:52 AM

Blogger Dilys and Rob said...

Dear Mick,

Is there a Jason Kilroy with you there? You probably don’t have him as a member, as I think he is currently shooting his film in Hollywood entitled "I really am Sulu and definitely not Jim." Thanks for your post Mick.

4:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Ryan here. Perhaps you should return for a few spelling lessons.
Alot not allot.......now not know!!!! And Suz be careful of all that sunshine. would hate to think what it might do to your purple hair!!

1:28 PM

Anonymous suz said...

Ahhh Mr Ryan, now thats a name I havent heard for a while............ Mind you a little birdie did tell me you arrived at my 20 year school reunion last week and didnt talk to anyone who didnt play rugby............so nothing changed then.
Delighted to hear J Kilroy is a Hollywood star now, about time.

4:00 AM


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