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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day !

Hi all. The last two weeks, since Rob has completed his exams, have been action packed. We went the day after Rob finished to London for Fiz and Evan's wedding which was completely amazing, thanks guys you looked great and the day was such a blessing. Then we went to Sligo for a weekend with some guys from college. That was great fun too. (one word Barry : tubes!!!)Then Rob went on his retreat to Glenstal Abbey for 3 days, that was also a good time, even if Rob did find it had to stay silent ! During all this we have been renovating the house in Drimnagh, where we will we living. So all in all it has been a fab time but very busy. Well tomorrow (17th June) is the big day when Rob gets ordained and dons the collar for the first time. It’s on in Christ-Church at 3:30 and you are all very welcome to come. We will post many photos over the next few days. Hope to see you there and if not talk to you soon. Thanks so much to you all for the many cards, texts, emails, etc wishing us well. Take care. Till then....


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