If you're on this site, you will probably know who we are, so little description is required! But if you are just browsing and say to yourself “those guys sound familiar!". You’re right it's Rob, Dilys (and now also Ethan and Alanna) Jones from Dublin Ireland. Send us a mail if you want more info.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's done, the move is over !!!

Well, well, well the last few weeks really have been full on. We have finally moved from Clondalkin to Drimnagh. There are many boxes that remain unpacked, but at least we are here! We will post some photos of the new place during the week. It's a fab place, as we have completely done it up the best we could. Dilys especially likes the kitchen, while Ethan seems to like his bedroom as he is sleeping about 13 hours a night in it !!!! The location is great as it is only a 7 minute drive to the Church, which sure beats the congestion of the mad-cow roundabout and M50! By the way our old number is disconnected, so if you want that, drop Rob a mail and we will give it to you. (and the new address if you want also) Hope you like the photo to the left, it shows the removal company we used. NOT ! Bye for now guys.


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