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Monday, July 23, 2007

Back on the air

Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting recently but we have been on holidays for the last month. Part of this time we were in Spain (see Flickr to the right) which was fab, that’s where the photo above was taken. We had a fabulous time of r & r and the weather was really great, just like in Ireland at the mo. NOT! Rob has just come back form Gilly's stag in Sligo which was great. Gilly got away lightly with some handcuffing and pancing thrown in to mark the occasion. Rob is back to work to day in CORE which he is very much looking forward to. We have also been busy over the last month getting ready for the move to Drimnagh. It’s coming along nicely and we will be moving very soon. We will let you know when the house warming is on! Ethan is in great form and is battling away with his potty training! We also had our first scan of the new baby. All is well thank God. It was great to see the little one which they told us was very long for his age! Ethan II ????Hope all you guys are well. Thanks for all the mails, texts etc of support after the ordination. It’s wonderful to have so much support. Will post again at the weekend. Rob, Dilys and Ethan.


Anonymous suz said...

Glad the holiday was so much fun. You all deserve that. Sorry to miss your skype the other night. Lets try again soon...........
Cheers S xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2:10 AM


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