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Monday, September 17, 2007

Gilly and Nicky's recent wedding

Hi all. We have uploaded some photos of the wedding blessing that rob recently officiated at. It was a great wedding and Gilly and Nicky looked really great. It was a very special day for all involved. Sulu ( aka Jason Kilroy ) was in flying form. Go to Flickr to the right to see a classic photo of him performing Mustang Sally in the early hours of the morning ; it’s a classic! Hope you are all well ? We just had had a great few days with Barry and Claire Forde in Colraine. Barry is the curate in St. Pats. They are really good friends of ours and it was great to catch up. The only down side to the few days was the dreadful Irish rugby game against Georgia ! Let’s not mention it to Rob, as he has booked flights, tickets, etc for the quarter finals already. Oops! Anyway, let’s hope they beat France and Argentina..... We can still get to meet and beat Australia Warwick / Suz !! More soon.


Anonymous suz said...

Do someone mention rugby?? Shocking really
Good to see J still doing his party piece ............
Cant wait to see you all very soon!

4:02 AM


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