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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy first birthday Alanna!

Well it hardly seems like a year ago our little lady was just born! We had a great first birthday with all the family and it was extra special because sister and family were over form the States. We had a wonderful time and eat the usual buns, sandwiches and treats! Also the day before her birthday Alanna started to walk which was awesome. She is running now and goes to school next week. We are very much looking forward to Christmas and the cards, etc have already started arriving, so thanks for that. Ours are on the way. Everything else is good and Rob's job is going very well and he is really enjoying the way of the cloth! Talk soon and get the mince pies in early. We have uploaded more photos in Flickr to the right; enjoy. The Js.


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Presenting... The Sulu's

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